AhnéYah Sophia Collection

Genetic Key Code Alchemy™ Collection from AhnéYah Sophia of Garden of Arai'na™

"Sophia is a Leading Diamond Age Alchemist & Conscious Condiuit within the Diamond Consciousness. It is Her Highest Service to Bring this Higher Love Frequency to Humanity in this moment of Our Evolution, mainly through the Metaphysical Technology of Genetic Key Code Alchemy

She is a ReBearthing Alchemist, Specialized in Diamond Heart Embodiment and the Activation of the 13 Strand DNA

The Diamond Key Codes are Critical
To assist in Humans' DNA Chrystalisation
And Diamonisation; to remove patterns that

Are no longer necessary for Humans to carry,
But also to prepare them for the Now New Dimensional Grid (the Diamond Grid),

That has Now become stable and is offering Opportunities to create Beyond what Humans
Humans have understood up until Now...
Opportunities that Are Now Able to
Manifest within Physical Form,
Creating a New Harmonious
Diamond Come*Unity...

All Key Codes Channeled by
AhnéYah Sophia, Seen on this site
And on All of the Arai'na Products,
Are Diamond Genetic Key Codes"

—Garden of Arai'na


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