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Divine Harmony © ⋆ Unite Within ⋆ Genetic Key Code Alchemy™

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Genetic Key Code Alchemy™ 

with the design of 

Divine Harmony ©

Available in:
 G# note ⋆ Zeal Point Chakra

Titanium Aura Quartz is quartz that is permanently treated by fusing Titanium and/or Golden Crystals with heat and vacuum to give it its Rainbow colouring. Also called Rainbow Flame Aura, or Flame Aura.

This Crystal Amplifies and magnifies healing energy, Clears and cleanses chakras, Helps to amplify both body energy and healing thoughts. It is used to enhance creativity, Helps to remove blockages, Enhances psychic powers, Helps with clairvoyance and all forms of Seeing. It Awakens a strong Connection to the Womb; the Centre of All Creation. This specific Bowl has a Green Titanium Aura.



Harmony Key Code by AhnéYah Sophia

All*One We Are

Very powerful Living Beings,

Yet when We Combine Our Hearts,

We are able to CoCreate Miracles

Beyond Our individual capacities.


We are bEarthed

In the Here and Now

As seemingly separate Beings;

For Us to ReMember the power

Of ReUniting as One -


To See the Strength of Come*Unity

In Openness and True Vulnerability

Accepting Each Other’s Beingness

In Full Unconditional Embrace.


This Key Code ReMembers Us

To Unite All within the True Heart,

The Strength of Love in Unity,

In Harmony, In CoCreation,

In Living *to-Gather.

True Connection.


This Remembering Creates

A Golden Spiral ::: a Vortex

Of True Union Within

The Golden Age.