Isis ⋆ Auset ⋆ Goddess Grail Crystal Singing Bowl

  • $999.00

Isis frequency embodied in crystallised light brings the energy of Divine Embodiment of the Present Moment. The Is. Is. All that Is, IS. Queen of the Throne. Goddess of Magic & Healing.

The frequency works on the upper chakras, from the throat center above. Tapping into the brain center from the top of the spine, upward. Resonating between these 5th chakra and beyond. Clearing unwanted attachments, promoting deep peace and elevation of the senses.

 Isis represents our feminine blessings - intuition, psychic abilities, love, compassion, yin energies, mother nurturer, the high priestess, the metaphoric goddess in myths of creation. Gifs of understanding how to transform a situation, influence people, and make your visions and dreams manifest. Remembering not to distort these abilities to gain power over others as everything we do comes back to us.

She is the feminine within us all.