Sonic Bowl Alchemy

Divine Creativity © ⋆ Womb/Root/Sacral Bowl ⋆ Genetic Key Code Alchemy™

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Divine Creativity © 


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⋆ C# note - Womb Sacral Chakra / Root Chakra
⋆ D note - Sacred Sacral Chakra 

Titanium Aura Quartz is quartz that is permanently treated by fusing Titanium and/or Golden Crystals with heat and vacuum to create the Rainbow colouring. Also called Rainbow Flame Aura, or Flame Aura.

This Crystal Amplifies and magnifies healing energy, Clears and cleanses chakras, Helps to amplify both body energy and healing thoughts. It is used to enhance creativity, Helps to remove blockages, Enhances psychic powers, Helps with clairvoyance and all forms of Seeing. It Awakens a strong Connection to the Womb; the Centre of All Creation.


 Divine Creativity Genetic Key Code © by AhnéYah Sophia


We Are able to Create anything —

Wa Are the Creators of Our Universe / Reality:

When we Imagine / Dream, We weave in New Creations.


True Creation is when

The Void, the Cosmic Womb,

Receives Inspiration of the Divine,

The Cosmic Seed of Consciousness,

From where (Co)Creation Ex-Is-ts.


Yet this True (Co)Creation,

The Creation of the New Light —-

Can only Ex-Is-t through an Intention

Based in Purity / Honesty / Truth :::


This is the Fertile Ground

From where Any Seed

Can Grow into

It’s Fullest Potential.


This Key Code ReMembers Us

Of Our Inner Power to Manifest Existence

And how to CoCreate the Golden Age

Through Aligning Consciously

Within Our Purest State