Affiliate Program

Aloha Potential Affiliates,

Thank you for your interest in carrying our line of our Sonic Alchemy Bowls. To be an affiliate you will need to purchase at least 2 crystal bowls for sample.  All orders you place will be activated and shipped from one of our Temple Priestesses, to you or your clients directly. Our company has beautiful customer service. We will take care of your customers needs fully.  All you need is to refer them to us.

You will get 10% off purchase of 4 bowls when you sign up as an affiliate.

And each bowl you sell you will receive 10% commission.  If you purchase less than 4 bowls your commission will go towards your bowls until 4 total are purchased.

What you commit to and use to create your sonic alchemy prayers multiplies. When people feel the vibrations they fall deeply in love. We will have audio recordings on the website for the bowls.  And images ect to refer people to.

I have had the company only a year with no marketing info and have sold over 350 bowls worldwide  People order 1 bowl and end up buying 4-6.  These are incredibly a unique bowls are crafted with the highest quality materials and the frequencies have been prayed over and nurtured by Myself and my co-creative artist partners.

If you feel called to share let's set up a Skype call and get you started with the magic of Crystal Alchemy Bowls.


Love & Aloha,

Amma Sophia Rose