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Purchase 2 Bowls To Become An Affiliate Ambassador

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Grailkeeper Ambassador!

To receive referrals rewards and benefits you will need to purchase at least 2 crystal bowls for sample.

You will get 15% credit towards products OR 10% commission cash. When you are signed up as an Grailkeeper Ambassador and successfully sell a Crystal Instrument.

If you are carrying house stock you receive 20% off.

After you have 2+ personal bowls, you will receive 15% commission towards products (Crystal Instruments, Shamanic Arts, Jewellery, Gaia's Alchemy).


  1. Own 2 Sonic Bowl Alchemy crystal singing bowls.
  2. Successfully refer a friend who purchases a product and claims you as their referral.
  3. Receive 15% off your next bowl, shamanic drum, tool, jewellery, etc
  4. OR... 
  5. Receive 10% cash from the Sale!
  6. Repeat

All orders you place will be activated and shipped from one of our Temple Priestesses, to you or your clients directly. Our company has beautiful customer service. We will take care of your customers needs. All you need is to refer them to us!

The Crystal Chalice is first activated with a Monatomic Gold Etherium Alchemy - this means it is infused with the benefits of Monatomic Gold in the frequency and vibrations, permeating the field with high energy waves of transformation! Everything is activated with Amma Sophia Rose in a 5D Bio Scalar Field -- that is Tesla Technology! To sum it up, this beautiful crystalline instrument is saturated in a field of pure balance, holding and retaining a 5D Zero Point state! So you can know the heart intention of playing these instruments truly elevates the field. We love to work with our crystalline creations and let the Sonic Medicine wash though space & time!

What you commit to and use to create your sonic alchemy prayers multiplies. When people feel the vibrations they rise and expand in Love.

 These are incredibly unique bowls which are crafted with the highest quality materials and the frequencies have been prayed over and nurtured by Myself and my co-creative artist partners. They are customized specifically for each individual.

If you feel called to this offer please email us at If you need more information let's set up a consultation Skype call and get you started with the magic of Sonic Bowl Alchemy!


Love & Aloha,

Amma Sophia Rose

Samantha Lynn Dawson




*Terms subject to change & update