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Learn all about the Andara Yoni Eggs & Wands.Online Immersion into the Sophian Wisdom of the womb. Diamond

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Sophianic Vocal Alchemy Course

Bring forth your deepest Sonic Essence with Amma Sophia Rose. Guiding you each week with techniques and Satsang to help you remember your gre


Volcanic Obsidian
from the Heart of Gaia

Each piece in the Andara.Love Collection is handcrafted from Natural Volcanic Obsidian. A gift from the Heart of the Volcano. From the womb of the Earth to you.

Alchemical Evolution

Welcome to our line of Self Care Diamond Light Womb Wisdom creations ❤

Where the oceans meets the lava. We create high quality obsidian allies for the journey of sensual awakening.

Shaped and crafted by true artisans, focused on purity, beauty and sustainability.

Prima Matra

Our vision unites the finest frequencies with present call of the womb purification and awakening.

Monatomic Andara Obsidian™ is an stone containing the frequency of Prima Matra (the first matter) and the energy of Mother Earth's Womb and Heart -- the molten core that is the physical Divine Mother of earthly creation and fiery passion of Pele. 

Mu Obsidian

From Earth's Womb to Yours, is dedicated to providing a new paradigm of high frequency Mu Andara Obsidian Womb Creations.

Volcanic Alchemy

Within the heart of the Earth, molten lava bubbles and churns the elements of creation! One day they burst forth from the Womb of Creation to the Light of the Sun!


Mu Rising

Located at ancient Lemurian Temple Sites within the Ring of Fire, the Volcanic Obsidian is collected for its mysterious beauty and profound energy. It can be said, they carry the purity and innocence of Mu. Reminding us of who we are!

Your Holy Womb

We have partnered with ethical and passionate artisans who hand carve the Volcanic Obsidian into high energy Yoni Eggs & Wands for the Diamond Light Elevation of wombs around the world!

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Ancient Mu Tantra
Based Rituals
and Alchemical Practices

Guided by Goddess Pele
The Ring of Fire
Heart of Gaia