Ordering Process

Shipping & Handling varies based on your location. 

Step 1. Ensure you have chosen the various options available. Some bowls come in different crystals and notes.

UPGRADES: Padded Carrying Bags and Wood Carved Mallet. (All classic bowls include rubber o-ring & standard mallet. Chalices do not include rubber o-ring.)

Step 2. When you are happy with your selection, click the Pre-order button. This initiates the ordering process.

Step 3. We will not withdraw your payment until we communicate via Email. Enter the information required to place an order.

Step 4. Be in touch with the Sonic Alchemy Bowl team.  Email Us Here or at SonicAlchemyBowls@gmail.com. We will calculate Shipping & Handling, confirm order preferences and customizations.

Step 5. We will create you order and prepare shipping.