Divine Abundance ⋆ 24K Gold Crystal Chalice ⋆ FreedOhm of Creation ⋆ Keycode Alchemy

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Ignite Your Purpose

 E note - Solar Plexus

Quartz Crystal Chalice dipped in 24k Gold. 

Advanced tube torus design creates a continuous resonance - designed for Healers, Practioners & Seekers.

Gold is a pure sacred metal. An eternal symbol of Abundance - radiating Solar strength - Sun - Sol - Ra.

Soothing, warm vibrations, encouraging and uplifting your Divine Will. 

Inspiring and motivating the spiritual journey.

Eminating potent healing frequencies, offering deeply relaxing yet stimulating effects to the physical, emotional spiritual & mental bodies.

On a spiritual level, Gold takes the Spirit to a higher level of consciousness - Opening the Crown Chakra - reConnecting us to Source.


 Empowerment Key Code 

 AhnéYah Sophia
 We Are All Unique Expressions
Of Our Unified Source’s Intention;
Unconditional Love in All*Ways.
True Empowerment reMembers Us
To stay Aligned with-in the Knowing
That We are Lovingly Supported
By the All that Is, Our Source,
To Just Be Our Selves.
Our True Selves.
That We Are perfect
Complete and Whole
Right Here and Now.
Appreciated to Stand
Our True Authentic Ground
Having discerning boundaries
Consciously Being and Creating
From an Alignment within
the True Heart’s Core.
Love in & out
Wherever One Is