DNA Activation Set ✧ Heaven on Earth Series

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  DNA Activation ⋆ Heaven on Earth Collections by Eeshi'ra Hart & Amma Sophia Rose This is a set of 9 bowls or you can purchase individually.  By investing in the full set you can transmit a full DNA activation every time, not...

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DNA Activation ⋆ Heaven on Earth Collections by Eeshi'ra Hart & Amma Sophia Rose

This is a set of 9 bowls or you can purchase individually.  By investing in the full set you can transmit a full DNA activation every time, not only for yourself, friends, family and clients, but to benefit the whole planet!  Scientific research only just the last 10 years has revealed the presence of exact divine mathematics found in the codes of our DNA.  These maths are offered as frequencies, that can not only tune the microcosm of our body to the macrocosm, but also tune us in with the Holy trinity, divine wisdom and the power of the heart.  These are also encoded with the sacred geometry of the Star of David and hexagram “Shield of David” from ancient times.  God himself was David’s Shield.  Attune with your divine solar self, together with all the many benefits of the main special master frequency featured in the Divine Blueprint set.


The Microcosm/Unity/Christ frequency

Tuning the microcosm of your body and energy field to the macrocosm = unity.  Rebalance, uplift, energise, expand and activate pineal and pituitary.

The Voice of God/The Spirit of Prophecy/Venus

Tune in and reflect on the voice of God from within, and the prophet John the Baptist, who predicted the coming of Christ. Attune to Venus the planet of Love and her loving vibrations. As we open to and embody more love for self and love for others, so we can move beyond duality and finally unify with the One.  Beneficial for thyroid, parathyroid, thymus and bone

Happy Mind/Happy Heart

Harmonise your heart with this frequency beneficial for stabilising the irregularities of cardiac arrhythmia.  Uplift your mood, improve mental focus, brain health, immunity, anti-aging and stress reduction.  Tune in with the frequency whose divine maths also symbolises transition, change and physical/spiritual awakening.  Also beneficial for the lungs.

Mastery of the physical plane/Flesh and Blood

The Word was made flesh.  Tune in with the codes of unity and more fully embody by bridging Heaven to Earth to master the physical plane.  Beneficial for the digestion, liver and pancreas.

Activate the 3 Robes of the Rainbow Light Body

Tune in with the 3 fundamental colours of the rainbow to activate the rainbow light body as humanity awakens to its true loving and divine nature.  Beneficial for the adrenals, spleen and kidneys.

Spirit of the Sun/Let there be lights

Tune in ever more deeply with your divine solar consciousness/Logos (Buddha, Krishna or Christ) to awaken the diamond light and your highest spiritual aspect from within as we shift from a carbon-based life form to a crystalline life form. 

The way of Wisdom

Tune in with the number of the Cross, the codes of perfection and completeness.

Awaken to the Christ within and tune in with breath of life!

Tune into your Gnosis (inner knowing) and find the Truth within as found encoded in sacred texts and sacred symbols worldwide.  As we tune deeply from within, we can then fully awaken and embody our solar Divinity.

The Ineffable/The Justice/The Truth

Tune in with completion of the spiritual path in readiness for the return to the heart of the One and All That Is.

This set of bowls is available as clear crystal bowls or lovingly infused with precious monatomic elements.  Please indicate your choice at the point of checkout.




Shipping Charges are ADDITIONAL to the listed price of the bowl.

Custom orders (pre-order items) are NON-REFUNDABLE, but may be eligible for an exchange.

Additional charges at your local Customs may apply.

Each bowl is hand blown and custom made per order. No two bowls are exactly alike. Slight imperfections may occur during creation which is unavoidable as this is a very delicate difficult process. Imperfections may include bubbles and/or finish flaws. Our priority is to make sure your bowls are highest quality vibration in the sound resonance. Perfect pitch 432Hz or 440Hz. Please understand it is the nature of the process of creating these Divine beings.

The sizes can vary by 0.5"- 0.85". Our priority is to make sure the pitch is perfect, which is why the size can vary slightly.

For Chalices, the handle/stem to bowl ratio may vary.

If you're ordering from a foreign country, be aware there may be customs charges upon arrival. It is a good idea to check with your country's agreements.


How long until I receive my bowl?

If you are ordering a 'Pre-Order' item, expect 8-10 weeks for delivery. Once we have confirmed your order & received payment -- the creation process begins. Once we receive the piece from our artisans, we activate them in our temples. This journey can take up to 8 weeks to complete.

We then ship the bowl directly to you which can take an additional 1-2 weeks. Please note this is a timely process. We are dedicated to delivering quality healing tools.

Why is shipping not calculated right away?

Once your bowl is created, we do our best to keep shipping & handling prices as low as possible -- after activating your CRYSTAL Bowl we do our best to economically ship your fragile crystal bowl. Each order is manually hand processed.

Why do I have to Pre-order?

Our bowls and accessories are made to order. We work closely with our team to create Divine instruments upon your request. If you would like to buy a chalice or bowl that we already have in stock (limited styles/quantities), please check our In-Stock items here. You will need to click through the variations to find the one that is in-stock. If the buy button reads 'Add To Cart', you'll know it is in-stock and available to ship right away.

What if the bowl breaks during shipping?

In the rare case your CRYSTAL bowl arrives broken, please take a photo of the broken bowl in it's packaging and inform us right away. Your bowl will be re-created and shipped as soon as we can. However, if your bowl breaks after arrival we are not liable.

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DNA Activation Set ✧ Heaven on Earth Series

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