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The Shekinah/Divine Feminine Set ✧ Heaven on Earth Series

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The Shekinah/Divine Feminine

This sacred Divine Feminine bowl is tuned to one of the sacred codes for the Shekinah, whose meaning denotes the dwelling or settling of the divine presence of God.  The Divine Feminine is also associated with the rainbow e.g. Goddess Tara, pillar of fire, the Holy Breath and Holy Spirit.  Benefits may include:

Clearing distortions at the crown chakra and deepening connection to Source 

Connecting with the Divine Feminine

Clearing the biofield around the physical body

Activating the Sushumna central channel from the base of the spine to the crown that links all the energy centres

Moving beyond form

Attuning with ascension

Catalysing spiritual awakening

Bridging Heaven to Earth by embodying the Divine presence of God within

This bowl is available as a plain clear bowl, handheld chalice or lovingly infused with precious monatomic elements.