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Luxury Carry Case/Back Pack


Our high quality, handcrafted cylindrical carrying bag with the Sonic Love Alchemy Symbol on the top. This bag is padded with a velvety inside, protective and beautiful. We recommend you place your Chalice style bowl in this bag when not in use. ...

Divine Love © ⋆ Eternity's Embrace ⋆ Genetic Key Code Alchemy™


Eternity's Embrace Genetic Key Code Alchemy™  Featuring the Genetic Key Code of  Divine Love ©   Available in notes: F - Heart & F# - High Heart Thymus   Angel Aura Quartz is quartz that is permanently treated by fusing Platinum and/or...

Sophology™ Chrystal Chalice ⋆ Invoking Sophia Shekina ⋆ Higher Self Embodied


✦༻ Sophology ༺✦ Available in Notes: F - Heart & F# - High Heart Thymus ⋆ Invoking Sophia Shekina • Higher Self Embodied As we awaken the inner Sophia Higher Self with this Chrystal Grail Chalice made of Angel Aura Platinum and Pink Etherium with the Sophology (symbol representing...

Andara Yoni Egg - Aqua Lemuria Andara Yoni Egg - Aqua Lemuria

Andara Yoni Egg - Aqua Lemuria

$88.00 $77.00

Monatomic Etherium Volcanic Lemurian Obsidian Andara Yoni Eggs from the Andara Love Alchemy Collection created and activated by Amma Sophia Rose. ༺ Aqua Lemuria Stone activation through Sacred sound of our paranormal abilities Sonoluminessence, Diamond Light body Activation, Telepathy, Sound...

The Wand of Light The Wand of Light

The Wand of Light

$255.00 $222.00

Auset ⋆ Iset/Isis ⋆ Goddess of Magic & Healing ⋆ Goddess Grail


✦༻ Auset • Iset • Isis • Kemet ༺✦ Available in Notes: G# - Zeal Point & D - Sacral ⋆ Goddess of Magic & Healing  Auset, the First Mother & Universal Womb set in High Quality Quartz Crystal and Cobalt Titanium or 24K...

Divine Empowerment © ⋆ Ignite Your Purpose ⋆ Genetic Key Code Alchemy™


Ignite Your Purpose Genetic Key Code Alchemy™  with the design of  Divine Empowerment ©    Available in Notes: E - Solar Plexus & F - Heart Quartz Crystal Chalice dipped in Ethically Sourced 24k Gold.   Advanced tube torus design creates...

Divine Abundance © ⋆ FreedOhm of Creation ⋆ Genetic Key Code Alchemy™


  FreedOhm of Creation  Genetic Key Code Alchemy™  by AhnéYah Sophia with the design of  Divine Abundance ©     Available in Notes: C - Root, C# - Root/Sacral, & F - Heart Quartz Chrystal Chalice or Bowl dipped in 24k Gold.    Advanced tube...

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