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Quartz Crystal Harp


Quartz Crystal Harp! Available in Clear Quartz, Angel Aura Quarts & 24K Gold. 432hz or 440hz Comes with mallet and solid protective case. Get lost in an ocean of cosmic angelic tones! 

Handpainted Shamanic Drums


The perseverance of Capricorn Medicine. Crafted with ethically resourced Goat Spirit.   The Circle of Life. The reverberation of creation's womb. The heartbeat of Gaia. The Four Directions.    Honoring the Spirit of the Goat totem, offering inspiration and communion for sacred healing,...

Mother Mary ⋆ Queen of Angels ⋆ Goddess Grail


✦༻ Mother Mary ༺✦ Available in Notes: F - Heart & F# - High Heart Thymus ⋆ Queen of Angels This Holy Grail Chrystal Chalice made from Tanzanite Titanium and White Gold Etherium, opening the gates of Heaven on Earth.      Known as...

Crystalline Technology Training - Kaua'i Hawaii


March 19-23$777 with purchase of product (this includes those who have bought in the past)$999 without purchase Learn to how to use your Crystal bowls, pyramids and crystal harp to create magical sound scapes for Sound Alchemy. You will learn...

Triple Moon Lotus of Purity ⋆ Infinita Amare ⋆ Goddess Ascension


  Available in: A# note - Third Eye Chakra B note - Crown Chakra F note - Heart Chakra Aqua Aura Quartz is quartz that is permanently treated by fusing 24k Gold with heat and vacuum to give it its angelic...

Tranquility ⋆ Larimar & White Gold Etherium ⋆ Monatomic Andara Alchemy™


Featuring Monatomic Andara Alchemy™ and Monatomic Etherium Technology™ this combination stimulates rejuvenating Chi Life Force energy. Stone of the the calm ocean & and serene sky Goddess. The manifesting of emotional tranquility.    Prices start $1222USD  Please contact us for consultation process