• High Quality beautiful Handheld Crystal Singing Bowls
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Sonic Crystalline Scalar Instruments

Genetic Key Code Alchemy™ Collection

Goddess Grail Collection

Andara Alchemy™ Collection


Bio-Scalar Tesla Activations

Sonic Bowl Alchemy is Bio Scalar Enhanced Tesla Technology & Monatomic™ Diamond Light Activation Codes of Sophia. Aligning with the cosmic energies that surround us. Elevating consciousness by harmonising right & left hemispheres of the brain and decompressing the nervous system. 

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Alchemical Union of Crystal, Frequency & Intention

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Our family-owned company is on a mission aligned with Gaia Sophia and the Star Nations to offer you more than beautiful instruments — we offer you an ally on your path of Ascension, Sacred Service, Divine Purpose, Sonic Surgery & much more! 

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Titanium Handheld Crystal Singing Bowl Chalice Grail

'Cosmos of the Soul

“Mastery of sound has been exalted in many civilisations, and the knowledge is still with you, governed by those light ones of certain native beings such as the Maya, the Indigenous of the Americas, the Dogon, the Lamas and the Dolphin Beings.” –Patricia Cori

Custom Crystal Bowl Vision?

We are excited to create the Highest Quality Crystal Bowls of your dreams.

We do the hardwork for you!

Manifest your dream bowl with your personal crystals, sacred artwork, choice of tones, size and style, all lovingly alchemized by our Frequency Masters!

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