About Us

Sonic Bowl Alchemy is a small passionate team specializing in Monatomic Chrystal Singing Bowls. We are on a mission to spread crystalline vibrations on Mother Earth. All instruments and accessories are made to order. Manufacturing and shipping may take 4 weeks. We are excited to communicate with you through the process.
By playing these beautiful instruments and utilizing them as the healing tools they are, we together raise the consciousness frequency. We believe in high vibrations and excellent service, which is why we commit ourselves to giving you the best of both.


People ask what is it that sets our Chrystal Singing bowls apart from other companies?

When we create these bowls it is our intention to work with the utmost integrity of spiritual connection. Using high quality materials blessed in our Temples of Light. The Activated Priestesses I have chosen are Divine Light Code Alchemists and artists. Manifested by Amma Sophia Rose, Encoded with the Genetic Key Codes, Channeled by AhneYah SophiaSundari Ma Aleph. These sisters are United by Divine inspirations and are authentic carriers of the ShekinaSophia Light Codes of Creation. 
Each bowl is exclusively infused with our Priestess essence and Monatomic minerals from the Andariáns known as Etheriums.

Each Etherium has a specific purpose:

  • Pink activates the heart 
  • Black purifies body 
  • White Gold activates the pineal pituitary gland 
  • Tan activates life purpose 
  • Red awakens sensuality and creative channels

When guided to create these amazing beings the Chrystal Devas were very specific and said no corners could be cut. We remain intently specific in the artistic designs and minerals. The art is channeled in sacred ceremony with pure intention for their activation. We bless the minerals and crystals by singing and invoking the Shekina Dove Consciousness at The Temple and sent directly to manufacturer. Each bowl is blessed by the Activated Artists and Amma Sophia Rose to activate it fully in alignment with you. This is why they are custom made to order. Feel into the energy if you get a full body "YES" they are for you. This sacred inspiration was given in a dream when the Andarían star beings of the galactic council came and said it is time for the Crystals to sing awake the voices of the 7 Rays of the Sisterhood of Light. Within a few months these beloved creations were born. They have been tested by frequency meters and master Sound Alchemists, High Water Priestess Ida Resi of Bali who fully supports our mission. We have exclusive rights to this production and you will not find them anywhere else. Here are the minerals we use in our bowls in combination with the technology of crystals Andarás high frequency crystals or Alchemy metals such as 24krt Gold, Platinum and Titanium. I highly recommend you trying these amazing minerals by ingesting them in your system. I have worked with them for over 15 years and it has been one amazingly magical ride. Instant manifestations of a purpose driven life. When people ask my secret to looking so young....here's the answer the minerals and the singing of love!


 Infinite Love & Aloha






Sisters of the Rose Activating codes around the world: