Sonic Bowl Alchemy

Sekhmet ⋆ Crystal Goddess Grail Singing Bowl ⋆ 24K Gold

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The Fierce Divine Mother 


Quartz Crystal Chalice dipped in 24k Gold.

E note ⋆ Solar Plexus ⋆ Inner Sun

Advanced tube torus design creates a continuous resonance - designed for Healers, Practioners & Seekers.

Gold is a pure sacred metal. The remnants of stars. An eternal symbol of Abundance - radiating Solar strength - Sun - Sol - Ra.

Soothing, warm vibrations, encouraging and uplifting Divine Will. 

Inspiring and motivating the spiritual journey.

Eminating potent healing frequencies, offering deeply relaxing yet stimulating effects to the physical, emotional spiritual & mental bodies.

On a spiritual level, Gold takes the Spirit to a higher level of consciousness - Opening the Crown Chakra - reConnecting us to Source.