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Hathor ⋆ Venusian Sonic Masters ⋆ Grail Chrystal Singing Bowl

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The frequency of Hathor embodied in crystallised Light. Love, fertility, beauty, music, dance, motherhood, childbirth and joy. 

This incredible 24K Gold-dipped Quartz Crystal Bowl assits in opening channels of Flow: artistry, dance, music, nurturance, creativity, etc. 

Gold is a frequency of absolute empowerment. The fusion of Hathor's medicine and gold create a powerful force. Working with Hathor is sure to assist in tapping in to the inner reclamation and celebration of your Divine Existence.

The First Mother of Horus. Hathor means the "House of Horus". Depicted with cow-horns, representing her relation to Milk Way, known as provider of milk. The universal symbol of nurturance and motherhood.

Depression was not in her vocabulary as she spread great joy through dance, music and shameless confident beauty. She once cheered Sun-Ra by dancing about baring her most sacred parts helping him to Lighten up and Rise again. The Priests of the Hathor Temple were dancers, singers and entertainers of all sorts.


"In art, Hathor was often depicted as a golden cow (sometimes covered in stars), with the titles Cow of Gold, and The one who shines like gold, or as a woman with the ears of a cow and a headdress of horns holding the sun-disc, which represented Ra." -Crystal Links